Friday, September 27, 2013

Sept 27 Quite Night on the Maruaders Front

Twas a quite night but still enough lads to sink 40 or so cans of soft drink. It is football finals season in Australia and well opponents are not turning up. Ho hum so it goes.......but as the less sporty of us prefer to chuck dice and move minis there is often an opponent at a lose end.
Malifaux with the minis I just painted.

MTG 10 + players

Imperial Guard and Eldar (clone troopers and jedi) vs Dark Angels

The Dark Angels won!

This is all that I had left at the end of my 2000 point game against a Tyranid Large Monster army.

This is what died including Belial the Chapter Master, but they won the game! I forgot to take pics of the Nids................sorry.

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