Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A tale of two "gamers, painters"?

My sons and I had decided 3 years ago to re-enact the tale of four gamers from White Dwarf fame. That is to paint a set number of points  in a certain period of time. Well it failed miserably because I am slack and let other things get in the way. My eldest was off to University and my youngest and I decided to rekindle the efforts in a "tale of two painters and maybe gamers if we get the chance." Following on from the Analogue Hobbies blog http://analogue-hobbies.blogspot.com.au/ and the winter painting challenge we thought what a good idea. So a modest goal of 500 points of Warhammer 40k or Fantasy Battles miniatures over three months would be fun.
I have elected to get them onto the table and not bother with the hard core beautiful paint jobs of the past. Here is the first unit a small devastator squad of 2 lascanons and 2 plasma canons with Sgt holding a power weapon, to the tune of 215 points or so.

In the mean time my son has done a Space Wolf, Wolf Guard, to the highest standard. Photo in the next blog when he bases it. I take pride in seeing his work but he is so far above me it makes me cry. ; )
Some thing else I am working on is some Celts bought years ago. Army Painter spray, base colours and a flesh wash. Simple and effective if you don't look close, or take photos of them, woops.
Thanks for looking.

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