Thursday, September 13, 2018

A queit night at the Moruya Marauders Games Club, yet fun was had.

It just goes to show that if the email that is usually sent out does not make it as people are ill then we all seem to forget that it is games night. It is warming up here in Australia and so the winter blues should be fading and yet a mere 4 of us made it to the games night on Tuesday. After the usually set up for 10+ and the obligatory show and tell from club members (more below) we came to realise that only two of us were ready for a game.
I had longed to introduce Infinity to all and sundry and took the chance to suggest a 4 way battle at a lower than usual points tally. 200 points we decides and we had to come in on the corners. Plus I introduced TACO 2.0 to the game.
Infinity is scenario driven and the TACO system is a nice way to use cards to give objectives that can be made turn by turn. Once one is collected you add more to the pile. So each round can be quite a challenge.
I was pretty chuffed at how the game came together and I hope all had fun. It did look pretty good.

Set up

different direction

Show and tell, a great little Slave diorama that was in a build and paint online competition one of our members keenly applies himself too. His last effort was a massive Chaos Dwarf Airship!

Some really great old minis in this lot and one or two I might add to the pile if I can get hold of them.

The huge TAG on its side took most of my orders for a turn and a half to get rid of.

The bear was an Intelligence Operative in the game, brilliant use of CRSPR Cas-9 technology to add bears and intelligence together.

The Avatar TAG behind the flyer would also not die no matter how many players shot at it.

Well lets hope next night is a bit bigger. But then maybe I need to promote us a bit better.

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