Saturday, December 15, 2018

All Quiet On The Martian Front, getting the game to work at last.

Club night again, the last for the year and pizza was provided with the extra funds we build throughout the year.

It was a small night with no 40K but Magic the Gathering made an appearance but I failed to do the photo shoot.

X-Wing 1st edition and Wings of Glory had a run on the table but you will note a nice bit of Christmas cheer on the WOG table.

Clubs a pretty clever in that just because the rules change as the company needs to stay afloat it does not mean there are people that wont play the old edition. X-Wing is a case in point and our club played 5th edition of 40K until the new 8th edition picked up the quality and turned it back to a good game.

Now a game we have had a bash at on 3-4 separate occasions was All Quiet on the Martian Front. This time around the martians from Mars have invaded America in the years just prior to WWI. Some nifty steam tanks and good old US manufacturing technology means that the martians wont have it easy. Or that was the initial story line and hope. But alas when we battled away over separate games with different players we always had the martians winning by a long long way. To play the humans was accepting defeat from the first throw of the dice. tonight it was different. We used the rules properly with ambush ability for the humans, command tokens to keep fleeing units on the table and I saw how wittling away at the Tripods was going to knock them out. So the humans won tonight, a much tighter game. Was it due to two human players versus the one martian or was it actually using the rules properly? I think the latter but it did help having two brains to work on the one task.

We played it at around 1400points and as the game was in 15mm I decided to bring on His Majesties own Royal Gloucester Fusiliers. A purely fictitious force of infantry and advisors that had the core elements and commanders still in it from the first Martian Invasion from the late 1800s. See if you can spot them on the table.

pic time
Evil Martians capable of who knows what?

Setting out the human forces

Small American town with odd British allies assisting.

Mark II tanks, nice paint job but not mush chop, the Mark III are much better.

WOG at Christmas

Yes you see correctly, first exchange of fire and Snoopy and the Red Baron knock each other out of the sky.

Such a fun game and when played on the smaller table it is so fast and furious.
See you in January

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