Saturday, August 22, 2015

300+points of Nomads (not many posts been sick)

Well as the title suggests I have been a little ill of late. In fact I've been in hospital and am now recovering at home. This of course can be a blessing and a discomfort. The discomfort is that I have missed a couple of games club outings and thus the clatter of dice has not occurred. The blessing is that now I am feeling up to it I have put paint on the odd miniature or two.

I had around 120 points or 5 Nomads painted around a year ago or so and needed to upgrade them to the full 300 points that is a common game well 11 miniatures later and I have around 330 points. If I drop the large Mecha unit (T.A.G. in the game) I will need to paint one more but I don't have a base for it yet, hmmm any excuse to order stuff from one of the retailers on the side of the page. I have no idea how competitive the list will be but I really don't care as it is for the club games and I like the figures so that is good enough for me.

On with the show.
The full 330points
2 Reverend Moiras, 3 Moderators, 1 Alguacil and the figures below

Grenzer sniper

Reverend Healer with ................gun, not doctors bag

Mobile Brigada

Spectre (assassin style guy)

Szalamandra heavy hitter TAG
I have some Ariadna to show soon too.

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