Sunday, July 26, 2015

July Happenings at the Club and Warzone Intro at WinterCon Canberra

I am not really keeping up to date on the blog. I had hoped to do a little more but alas life has taken its toll rather than the pleasures of toy soldier painting and gaming. Nevertheless we have had a decent turn out at the club with more introductory games of Infinity (starting to get a handle on the rules but there are so many special rules........), a great Midway/Coral sea WWII Wings of Glory but no images I am afraid and I only got a shot at the end of the X-Wing game. The role-players seem to be growing too.

A couple of club members took themselves up to Canberra for the smaller convention known as WinterCon. It really is the little baby brother of CanCon but still gives one the chance to chuck dice and buy stuff. I had another foray at the painting classes. 2 Brush Blending with Meg Maples, of Privateer Press fame, ran the course with around a half dozen of us trying desperately to paint better. So learned faster on the day. I have to admit that the small outlay of a few dollars and a whole 2 hours of tutorial is a worth while investment and one I will continue to be a part of.

I also failed miserably to photo and watch the Infinity and Impetus tournaments but did have a 20 minute dabble with a favourite from years ago WarZone. It looks like it has been revamped and lots of lovely new minis, a tighter and more gritty combat mechanism and free downloadable rules online. Now this is the path of the future. Infinity, KOW/Mantic, WarZone and at last GW have realised to hook people they need to put the basics or more up online for us to peruse and then play with. Will I jump at WarZone.......hmm not yet but I will grab the rules for a proper look. Mind you the young chap walking me through the rules did a great job on a good board and even better looking minis.

The only downside to WinterCon was a comment made by one of my mates. "Gosh that Bolt Action looks great. I really want to give that game a go one day." Well needless to say I was unimpressed. Why you might ask, well I sold all my 28mm Unpainted Germans and 28mm painted British Army and some lovely Tamiya tanks for peanuts last CanCon as no one repeat no one wanted to play WWII in 28mm. HMMMMM....... So in typical plastic krak fashion what did I do. You betcha, spat the dummy and.................bought a box of 28mm German Infantry to go along with my built and undercoated 28mm Russians that I knew were floating around in the lead and styrene mountain in the shed. Also ordered some British infantry command and Heavy weapons to do it all over again. But this time no Tamyia tanks as $54.00 each is too much for my budget at the moment.

On with the small photo shoot.
The Infinity tutorial game 175 or so points a side.

Sniper on the roof.

The Healer does her job and off drops the token, first time I tried to heal in the game and it worked.

The end run as the game came to a halt as the two last ships were unable to really damage each other. Please note the nifty asteroids. Pumice collected from a beach hot glued onto some flying stands from one of my all time favourite star fighter game Silent Death.

WarZone at Wintercon

My leader "Big Jim" or some such name, please correct me.

My light infantry. All painted and based to a high standard. I really liked the mat too as it was a print out on vinyl that really looked the part.

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