Thursday, June 25, 2015

Another Infinity training night

Well this is always a giggle, the blind leading the blind. I had a chance to help introduce Infinity to 2 more club members. The last club night they looked on at one of the games and then wandered home to order 2 small forces. Ariadna and Pan-O Nice. The Ariadna were almost completely painted for the night which is pretty good going really for around only a week on the table. The club is actually pretty new to Infinity and I am barely literate in it but at least when we start to get underway we will all be teaching each other. The game was a three way, Nomads, Pan-O and Ariadna it worked rather well but the Nomads were taken out fairly fast. This time around the Pan-O force came out on top. Other club activities were a 4 player game of Saga and the Pathfinder Roleplayers continuing the tales of adventure.

On with the show.                                           SAGA X 4


 Dead Nomads
Dog Soldier Front

Dog Solder Back

 These ones lasted most of the game but I have to finish painting them.

 Pan-O gaining the high ground
whole table

 Slightly darker image but you can see the Plastcraft Games white buildings this way

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