Saturday, June 6, 2015

150point infiity game with the lad

Long weekend in NSW, cold winter Sunday what better way to spend the day than playing infinity with your son. Needless to say he whooped me but then I get use to this.

Ready to Rock, My enemy to the North Nomads, and my Pan-O to the South.

Coming to get me

Fire Alley (which actually wasn't)

The lone Gunwoman (she did rather well compared to the rest)

One of the few I took down

Two of mine that went down to reactive fire ouch. The one lying on the mat was a combat jumper that ended up 6 inches off the table and so had to come in off the back of my board edge. I placed it in ambush and then..................shot.

My fusilier takes out a Spektr in the Corner of Death but it was all down hill from here. My son played very well and even though we are not fully comfortable with the rules it is still a lot of fun.

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