Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Saga Night at the club

It does not normally occur like this but everyone at the club decided to play Saga. Out came the 6 point warbands 2 X Viking, 2 X Anglo Saxon, an Irish, a Welsh and a Scots force.

We mixed it up a little and rolled each turn for initiative and this seemed to throw enough spanners in the works to make it harder for the Old Guard to trounce the Young Guard. Woops different game.

My lads (Anglo Saxons) about to be clobbered by two armies of Vikings

Contemplation hmmm since when do Vikings contemplate much other than..........the usual pillaging etc

Old Guard guiding the Young in appropriate use of the Battle Board

Using typical Viking finesse...."see this lot, yep, move 'em all forward like this.." 

'tother Vikings on the left flank with obligatory glass hammer. True to their usual efforts, they made short work of one of my units but disappeared in a puff of combat dice.

One of the other games Irish Wolfhounds after some Scots spear chuckers.

The middle game with some nicely painted minis all around.

Near the end for me at this stage.

Final combat with both Warlords taking each others heads off leaving..................

The other Warlord victorious in our three way battle.


Jack Taylor said...

Looks like a lot of fun wish I was there

chris said...

Next time your down you know you are welcome.