Saturday, May 16, 2015

Games night last Tuesday

Just a quick update on club happenings.
X-Wing game with new BIG TOY. It took us ages to shoot it down, but with one Imperial fighter left we reduced the transport cruiser to a ruin hulk drifting through space, that will teach the Rebel Scum not to mess with the Empire.

Other games were Pathfinder RPG with around 5 gamers + GM

A nice Necron v Space Wolf battle at around 1200 points. Great paint jobs. Which I can't display as I stupidly took awful photos of.

A nice Saga game of foot Welsh v Bretons/Normans

Rebel Scum with Big Toy

The short lived life of an X-wing rookie

B-Wing Survived well considering

Unlike Vader who did a boot leg reverse in front of the Big Toy and was promptly run over in a shower of Tie Fighter bits

The final shot as Big Toy is left drifting in space as a hulk

Normans about to launch the attack

Foot based Welsh army that has convinced the gamer that a few mounted warriors might just be worth it

Senlac Hill woops wrong battle

I think the game came down to a narrow win to the Normans as the Welsh Warlord was eliminated

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