Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Some more painted minis Gladiators

I whipped these up a few weeks back and was quite happy with the super fast paint job. It is amazing how when you look at them they seem fine and yet when the camera does its work you appreciate that the quick job was actually a bad job, oh well I'm not selling them just shoving 'em on the shelf for use later on.....
Happy with these

Less Happy

Ouch must have really not been looking at these when I use the tooth brush to paint them


Paul O'G said...

Nothing wrong with those Chris!

Firelupus Sautner said...

They look good Chris, any painted fig, is a good fig.

But i agree the first picture is better painted then those in the last.

Keep it up mate.

chris said...

Cheers guys, I can actually paint better but you would never know.

Cameron Naughton said...

Are you going to play Juggular by Gripping Beast with them? Cameron.