Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Some of the RPG minis I've painted this year

Last years painting challenge I entered made me realise how much I enjoy it. Though I game now more than ever before I still probably prefer to paint than game. Yet at times like most it can be a struggle to get both time and motivation to paint. After picking up both the Reaper Kickstarters I thought it about time to paint some of the minis after all it is not like I have a lifetimes supply of lead and plastic out the back waiting for a bit of love, cough , cough. So over the next blog or two will be some of the odd minis I have painted just because.

Reaper bones wolf, GW Chaos Ogre, Mike Broadbent Satyr?

Ogre Close up

Love the bones wolf

Malifaux bear thing, now this will make the best werebear in an upcoming RPG I am gamesmastering.

Bear from.....??? Second Hand

Void or Urban Mammoth Minigunner

Void? femme fatale maybe use this in Infinity RPG when it comes out

Shadowforge Sci-Fi lady maybe also use this in Infinity RPG when it comes out


Dux Homunculorum said...

Nice work mate. The ogre is my fave, and I really like your basework.

chris said...

Cheers Dux, simple sand with the odd rock, use brown ink then drybrush sand colour, flock and tufts, easy peasy.