Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Introducing Infinity to the lads at the club

I have been very keen to get some of the lads into Infinity. I barely know the rules myself so it will be good if we can all learn them together. So if you are not sure Infinity is a near future Sci-Fi skirmish game with 5-15 miniatures a side. It does seem to work with only three sides but all the games I have seen is only the usual 2 opponents. the game plays fast and furious with troopers going down pretty fast if you don't use cover properly.

We did not use any of the more interesting aspects of the characterisation of individual miniatures but this will happen in time. So 5 miniatures a side including one leader model that was a little better than the troopers. You need lots of terrain set up about 12 inches in and off we go. It is an IGO-UGO game but with a lot of reactivity to the non mover as it were.

The first game was a more carefully considered dance around the table as fire positions were manoeuvred to and after around an hour and a half one side was 3 miniatures down and game over. The two lads really like it (great as far as I am concerned). So images?

Game 1 Pan-Oceania on the right Nomads on the left

I want my figure to go that way

Ready to sweep fire around the corners of the containers

Eye Candy how to paint book to "convince" the lads of the beauty of the game

Close to the end, Infinity is rather brutal a reaction shot by the enemy and one critical later and all that armour is useless.

Father Knight huge sword, big gun, lots of armour and hides most of the game, "keeping him in reserve"........ Victory to Pan-O

Game 2 new opponent on the Nomads team (red minis) Pan-O same lad running the blue guys.
Clever use of terrain, run up the stairs, then move into the corner.

This time the Nomads won convincingly in around 30 minutes.
I really like this game fast, characterful, nice toys and games play out fairly quickly.
Other games for the night.
40K Tyranid Civil War

Necron vs Black Templars

The Roleplay lads, Pathfinder character progression and purchase of goodies.

Always a rule to look up, always.

Boneswords rock, well chop actually.

Needless to say the big lad did not win.

Like I said always a rule to look up, always.


Paul O'G said...

I quite like Infinity too, but despite having the books and some figs never found a local opponent. The masses of extra rules can bog things down but if you can avoid those its a fund and very dynamic game.

Glad the lads enjoyed it!

Paul O'G said...

PS I aways thought it had some promise for 'modern' (WW2 onward) skirmish application as well but am surprised nobody has tried that.

chris said...

Yes I agree with both your comments. I am hoping to just grow into the game as the special rules can be overwhelming but then the new rules make it easier supposedly?? Have thought many times that I can use the rules with modern Australians from Empress minis and some of Nic Robson's insurgents, would be a good game.