Friday, April 24, 2015

Mid April Games night

Just a quick update on club happenings.

1 X 3 way (4 army) 40K game with the Tau Imperial Guard allies on top this time, Tyranids Went down first and then the Space Wolves. The Tau have such a huge amount of firepower with marker lights and other toys.

Game about to begin

Tau Guard Allied

Nids awaiting the rush

The Rhino is about to explode and due to appalling dice rolls sees around 1/2 the unit killed by the shrapnel leaving the Tau victorious
X Wing game with 3 sides, Darth Vader and Two escorts were an unknown and could fight one or both opponents. Both were chosen..................

Part way in with considered pondering.

Up close and personal, almost looks like a boarding action, wrong game I guess.

Boys these guys fly close together

The First blood in the wings of glory game to the Brits but unfortunately they fall from the sky 20 minutes later with so much smoke and flames it was hard to see the table mats, pity really. Great game never the less.

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