Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March at the club

Quiet night, only around 8 turned up, lots of the lads have exams and man flu seems to have knocked out many of us as well.

One of the newer lads played in this game and guess what at long last the empire won.

My Bretonnians got a show, first in oh 2 years or so.

Vs the Skaven of Clan plumbium, there are some really nice old school models in the lot. Sadly they did the usual Skaven thing and ran away to fight another day.
Yep my two trebuchets on turn 1 both misfired. Argh, yet the roll just left them unable to fire this turn.

As you can tell this is why the empire won.

I bought my Chain of Command along for a couple to the guys to use whilst I snotted the Skaven, it was great to see some Russians against the British Paratroops, must have been 1946. Seems the guys are picking up the rules pretty fast.

Another view of the same game.
That's all for now folks.


Paul O'G said...

Good times! Always fun to dig out and use an old army

chris said...

Thanks Paul,

Bretonnians were the first of my many WFB armies and still my favourite. I bought them to redo Agincourt rather than fantasy but heh yu know how it goes.