Friday, September 4, 2015

Infinity game at the Golf Club

One of our club gamers wanted another bash at Infinity and realised he could not make the next club night so instead arranged for a game at Tuross Head Gold Club. To the clubs credit they let us set up on there billards/pool table in a section not being used and then it was game on.
Table01 Nomads Vs Ariadna

Table 2 Pan-O vs Ariadna

Table 1 from the other side
This time around my opponent decided to run his Antipodes (nasty alien dog creatures) properly.

The antipode handler lays down smoke and doggies move up.

Handler lays down more smoke and doggies move up again.

More smoke and doggies leap out to land so close to my core troopers. Yet as I had 5 miniatures nearby the cross fire took them down but this made me think that in the future this will be a force to be reckoned with.
Auto canon out in the open and a camo marker soon both were to die but not before some vicious exchanges of fire.

Dog Warrior in close combat with Mobile brigade needless to say Doggy  won!

Grenzer on the roof in prime position only to jump to a new building and shot to bits a moment later.

My Revered Healer hacking the computer console and gaining the objective.

A sneaky Special Ops taking the other objective

Sadly healers can't heal TAGs and mine seem to go down all to fast in my games.
I ended up winning this one but it was much closer 1 objective each and I only won by eliminating enough of the enemy models.
I had a birthday around a month ago but was in hospital. My opponent and his partner ever so kindly bought and painted me this amazing Iguana TAG for my Nomads. They really are too kind. So if they read this post thanks B and D you shouldn't have but it will take pride and place in my Nomad force.

Oh if anyone is interested the MDF buildings are a combination of Blind Pig and CNC miniatures. Also sorry but I took no more photos of the other table. Big mistake but that is how it works occasionally.


Phil said...

A great table and some beautiful photos!

chris said...

Thanks Phil,

the buildings in MDF are made in Australia and really you almost do not need to paint them. yet if you do they look very good indeed.