Monday, October 15, 2012

October 12 Somewhere in Moruya

Club night, great turn out 4 Roleplayers, 4 Wings of War, 5 Malifaux, 2 40k, 2 Saga, 6 Magic the Gathering, total 23 this is just fantastic considering it was just a normal night. Well the games seemed to go well and it all ended by 11pm.

One of our best painters turned up with his lady and showed off the latest and greatest that they had been working on. Commission work for him was on display, Flames of War stuff and some great insurgents and US Marines from Eureka Miniatures and some nice Tyrannids for her. Sometimes it is rather humbling to see a new painter enter the scene and paint better than you. But then again this is happening all too often for me so I am just going to have to get used to it. I hope they both keep up the good work. If you need commission painting done I am sure we can help put you with the right painter.

This was a nice blast from the past, those of you that were tuned to White Dwarf oh around 20+ years ago when it was a Roleplaying and Miniature Gaming magazine might just remember this one…… sorry it is not up for sale the owner is quite happy with his purchase. No it is not me, mores the pity.

Well this is my first Saga game post MOAB and it was a nice tight victory to my Anglo Danes. I was trying to introduce it to a new player. Normally I play a little softer with the Noobs but as this was virtually my first run with the Anglo-Danes I let him have it. Only to find my opponent was well up to the challenge. Just remember this one; when you put all your eggs in one basket Fatigue counters can stop your maxed out charge by taking your medium move and making it short, ho hum dum dum! Don’t mind the lava field mat, the Malifaux players nicked the green mats first.
Viewing the Battleboard with intense interest.
Da Magic Ladz at it again.
The Gotha did not make it in this game.
The 40K game Space Wolves and Nids, victory to the Nids, just.
Malifaux and .....softdrink, hmm wonder if we can get sponsorship?
Well enough for now. What with Saga and Force on Force taking my personal interests I might show off some of my latest paint jobs next time.

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