Saturday, July 14, 2012

July Friday night meet

Well we had 15 turn up to the usual club night. Two played 40K 5th edition (no one owns the new rules yet) 6 played FOW, more as an introduction to the game for 4 of them. Two of us are seasoned veterans of FOW and a swag of the lads played Magic or just chatted! Which at times is one and the same thing.

PZIV vs Cromwells
I do hope to see FOW take off in the club. Some of the lads are keen and see it as a cheap alternative to the usual GW fare. Personally I am of the opinion it is a cheaper and better game than 40K and the latest edition of Warhammer. But then I am biased as I prefer history!
The Russian Horde of tanks vs the Germans
Sisters Vs Chaos marines, the sisters won but only just.

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