Sunday, July 1, 2012

Winter Con

Well my trip with Barry to Winter Con in Canberra a couple of weeks ago was a success. More lead and Resin to paint or store on the shelf. Did not selll my second hand stuff at the bring and buy but had a good couple of trial games of Hordes, Warmachine and Infinity. I also had a chance to leap in with Barry and Zoe for the obilgatory WoW or Wings of Glory game. This of course saw me shot down as per usual, actually the vile enemy flew into me and knocked me from the sky, typical.

The unusual highlight was winning the Warmachine Box set after the show. Now that was a stoke of luck as it were. What is real nice is that our club is looking at skirmish games and with the lads wanting 1-2 shorter games per night we might be able to play this! Thanks to the guys from Wintercon the prize is great and hopefully the club will give it a go! I have to admit I did like the system myself!

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