Thursday, October 18, 2007

An afternoon at Colski's

A Good afternoons gaming was had at Colski's with John's Italian's (desert war) up against Col's Russian's. It was a street fight on Stalingrad terrain and boy was it a slog. Movement up one flank and through the centre ground to a halt and all the work was for the infantry and sewer rats to take out the objectives. As I left Col was just starting to inch away and won when I last spoke! Rules are Flames of War from NewZealand and have rekindeled my interest in WWII. I am putting together a Desert Rats army to go up against John so we will see. The images are of the Russian antitank, this lost its transport but due to gunshields survived well. The other image is of the whole board. Col made it from MDF, with sand painted black then grey. Buildings are maily J&R that are really quite good for the price. Well enough for now enjoy.

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