Monday, November 26, 2012

End Of November 2012

Well the year has slipped past us and at the end of November we find ourselves with one of last last games nights for the year. So what was on?

Kings of war Elf vs Chaos, I think the list for the Chaos came from the hour of wolves and shattered shields site.

Wings of War/Glory with our younger pilot gaining the advantage of a fist full of 0 cards.

The Malifaux I guys at it again. Still love the minis.

Malifaux II

Warhammer 8th Elf vs Goblins, yes you heard it Goblins, hmm so the outcome Gobbos shot to bits then ran away surprise, surprise, surprise. That said, fun was had by all especially the High Elves.
Star Wars roleplaying, outside in the cool night air, these guys are the clever ones!

Magic guys and girls I

Magic guys II

My game Dark Angel successors Vs Space Wolves at 1500 points using the older rules 6th ed I think, and for the first time in ages I beat the Space Wolves Woo Hoo.
Note space Wolf Drop Pod with dreadnought in the foreground. Luckily I immobilised it before it ate my unit, only to have the land raider crusader steam up and drop 7 wolf guard and a lord that then promptly ate the unit ho hum.



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