Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Blue Moon Games Night and Day

Well a Blue Moon is when you end up with 2 full moons in one month, so one or twice a year this occurs. Our club has a similar event, A Friday night rolls into a Saturday day. The stage is now set for BIG games and thus a largish 40K took place and a huge WFB Siege game as well.
I'll just let the pics do the talking. Sadly I forgot the camera on day 2.

Close to 3000 points in 1 Ogre Horde, in the game unstoppable.

Magic Did not miss out.


Note yellow Knights about to cause mayhem, well they did not do so this time, hmm forgot to pray to the lady of the lake.

Upshot of the games 40K nasty Tyranids and Chaos lose but only just to the Marines
Siege game ended in a draw but still a lot of fun.
Finally a pic of a mini Wreckage

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