Monday, September 15, 2014

A tale of Duelling Gamers, the race for the finish line.

Well I am down to the wire and trying to get the last of the miniatures painted. The units and bigger items are done and the character models are getting there. Hopefully I will have time to put a little more effort into the characters, at least that is the idea.

The last unit, Spirit Hosts ($44.00 GW value but I only spent around $9.00 for the fireforge 28mm man at arms)
Characters a WIP sorry about the overexposure, when complete I'll take better images hopefully. Hard to work out the cost at GW vs Actual on these as some of the minis do not have an equivalent and needless to say I did not pay full price for any of them.


Firelupus Sautner said...

Love the sisterhood and the way they are coming,the spirit host looks great, cannot wait to see the full army in one shot.

chris said...

Thanks lupus, still having fun with this lot and it is really nice to see your wood elves on the march too.