Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Landwaster DBA 2.2 min tournament and a game of Green Jackets (skirmish napoleonic in 28mm)

I had the privilege to cram 6 games of DBA in on last Sunday and had a ball. DBA has always held a strong pull on me and though a lot of people shudder at the thought of the game I find that my opponents take it seriously enough but not so much so that they stress themselves and you out. I just like the game and well playing with toy soldiers is my hobby. Landwaster has been held in Canberra a few times before by DBA Fanaticus member McBeth better known as David. He runs a great little competition dragging people from quite far afield 10+ hour drive away and so on. Well I did not place but did pick up a small award for killing lots of elements and drove the 3 hours home with a big smile. Typically I only took the odd photo or two and don't have much to show for my efforts but I did face some great looking armies.

Game 2 or 3? My Timurid army vs a Scottish army

Achaean Greeks beautifully painted by Mick from Micks metal models

The camp/baggage element, now this was clever
Club night saw a small game of Space Hulk and Green Jackets and a few lads Roleplaying
My newly minted Victrix Austrians ready to pounce on the British

Clambering up the objective hill

My British enemy blooded for the first time as well. It is nice to see my minis making it onto the table painted. When you take photos you should really look at product placement to earn you a little cash on the side or just bother to have a look at what is also in the photo you dummy!

The Brits clumped close enough that with a single canon I could have won the game in a single turn.

Finger of doom proving that Space Hulk is still a great evenings entertainment


Sun of York said...

Yes, David does run good DBA comps. It's a pity I am on the other side of Australia as otherwise I would have been there.

chris said...

Hope you get some DBA games in across in WA it is still a good game 20 plus years later.

paulalba said...

Hi Chris, you won the robots over on my naps blog!!! Congrats!!!
I've put my contact details on the results post. Could you drop me a line with your address.