Friday, February 13, 2015

First Run with the new time slot

In Australia at the moment TV stations are advertising when their programs are running and without fail it is never at the advertised time, so you stick around and wait for the show to start or you move on. Well the club has had to change times and rather than move on it would seem some of the Old Guard have returned Huzzah as they would say.

So what happened on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, Pathfinder and the inevitable rolling up of characters, an X-Wing game, Saga 4 ways, and 40K Tau vs Dark Angels sort of.

on with the show
2 hours to roll up characters and then  a small intro scenario

Teaching a Noob the fine art of using a battle board, notice the move to the biscuit bowl, hmmmmmm

Riptide nice model shoots a long long distance.

The Tau that brought me down

David vs Goliath in X-Wing needless to say the Rebel scum won again.

My Dark Angel successor chapter got to keep the objective but at the end of the game were down to around 10 men from 1250 points ouch, oh I lost.

Infinity tart ups, actually Haqislam that was nicely painted and all I rally needed was to do a wash and finish the bases.

More of the same

My cheap and cheerful Infinity terrain is coming along. Foam core buildings with glue on texture packs, the Mototronica set from Operation Icestorm and a highly overexposed PlastCraft Games building.

For those interested in these fantastic and I really mean fantastic Foam Core templates and texture packs try this site all credit to Tony as this is what is needed to get you into the game quickly and cheaply.


Paul O'G said...

Good times! Nothing like a good games night with friends new and old

chris said...

Totally agree Paul.