Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Kings of War fantasy style this time

Well it had to happen, the old fantasy minis had to make it onto the table. Even though we have talked about playing Warhammer 8th most of the club has lost heart and well to be honest new games have captured our imagination. Thus KOW fantasy has at last made it to the club in the 2nd edition form. Also one of the regulars with a now defunct tomb kings army is about to bring the out of the sand again as well. Oh and another one is buying into dwarves. Mantic should be happy.

Some sort of Slasher flick board game, looked cool actually

Kings of War with Kingdoms of Men vs nasty Chaos horde things with HUGE units of beastmen, 200 points a side.

Barry pointing out the delicate art of flying in the skys above London, all he needs is a pipe.

Yep Horde of marauders or beastmen as it were and flank protected by regiments of warriors

My gallant knights looking into the horror that could be.

Looks good doesn't it?
After charging the huge horde and using a big chunk of my army I came to realise that you can get rid of the bigger units but you have to hit them with two units at least. I still lost one of the knight units  in this combat.
Nasty winged demon mounted general about to eat bowmen or catapult or both!!!
Hold up the warriors with spear and charge in the knights. This will hurt.
At the end of the game the Chaos force had lost but with the generals and wizards still on the table and most of my units with decent damage another turn or two and the Chaos may have made a come back. 

Kings of War is a fast and furious game and to be honest a lot of fun. Tactical depth is there even if there are not a lot of rules and as a club game it does seem to play well in a couple of hours for around 2000 points. Plus Mantic games is about to release some historical rules based on the same system. Looking forward to this. Mind you Neldoreth's historical supplements are very good.


The Kiwi said...

Kings of War is an excellent game. Really keen to get my hands on the historical lists. should be really cool. cheers

chris said...

Yep have to agree, sometimes simple games make very good games.