Sunday, September 16, 2012

Da Big Game

Well the big annual apocalypse game has come and gone, huge turn up with 19 coming most played both days! When a 2nd Friday rolls into the 3rd Saturday we can hold a BIG game. Normally it is 40K or Fantasy. This time it was 40K using the old rules as only 2 of us have the new 6th Edition, even with the new boxed set from GW.

The premise of the game was, a planet reappears from the warp after 10,000 years in the void. The Chaos and Imperial want to raid the planet for Archeotech, as they look for the objectives they battle and thus wake the sleeping Necrons, these will pop up somewhere randomly on the board. Unfortunately an Ork rock flys into the reappeared planet and the Orks, being Orks, (My Orks) run to the fight again randomly.

To get the game up and running fairly fast we restricted the armies to 2000points a team with close to the same amount on both sides with the Necrons as bad guys and the Orks as bad guys too. Well at least anti Imperial. Please note that the orange cards actually have a use. The weather is a little foggy and hence the orange cards, they are Blinds, a nifty tool to disguise 2 out of 3 of your units, they may move up to 12 inches for the first turn but at the beginning of turn 2 they are disclosed, are they super heavies/a team of snipers/a huge group of chaos cultists or are they dummies. In hind sight 2 turns undisclosed would have been better.

Teh big hand of doom as the chaos cultists see the SpaceWolf Drop Pod!

Mark's very nicley painted Iron Warriors

The necrons enter after our resident collector of old style fantasy minis rolls the random placement!

The bribe to the mini collector does not pay off as he rolls a 1 and I end up behind the Ultra Marines ready to be shot to bits! Money well spent!

The said mini collector hard at work cleaning the next batch of old style fantasy figures!

The landing pad fight that the Chaos forces spent 3 turns capturing.

Yes this is the super heavy that the deffkopters destroy woo hoo!

Beggining of turn 3 Saturday morning note the size of our table 170 square feet?? Well fun for all and I'll  see what other photos I can get off others.

In all we had 4 turns with Necrons and Orks turning up at the beginning of the imperial turn 2. By the end of the battle 2 out of 5 objects were held by the imperial, 1 by the chaos, 1 was contested by Orks and Sisters of Battle and the final one welllllllllll, the Orks shot the objective holding Space Wolf scouts to pieces and thus were unable to follow up and engage in assault therefore leaving the objective with no one on it! Orks shooting too accurately this has to be a first. Well actually for this game it happened a couple of times. My personal highlight was the 5 deffkopters flying up to the shadowsword super heavy tank and in two turns blowing it up!!!!!!!! Mind you it does help that a bit of damage was done by others beforehand. Yet I am personally convinced that the Orks were destined for greatness. Just don’t talk about what happened to Gazkull thraka.
Looking forward to next night. Cheers.

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