Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Well our last club night saw a nice amount of lads turn up. A couple of real highlights. 1) I survived my Wings of War flight (still find it hard to call it Wings of Glory). 2) A Battletech game occured sorry no big pic just the chaps behind the WOW game. 3) Enough lads for a big Magic the Gathering bash and Malefaux up the back corner. Next week end Sept 14 and 15 should inlclude the big 40K flow over game, as in it will flow over into the Saturday. Mind you I still want to get the historicals out!!!!!

In the above photo that is us the Dreaded Hun on the left. The scenario was to shoot down the recce plane flying up the table centre and then as many of the enemy as possible. We got the Recce plane but lost two in the process and I bravely flew for home ready to fly again in the morn.

Looks like an add for softdrink hmmm.

You can't make it out but up the back behind the first mat is battle tech. Yep the old metal mech game using 6mm walking machine of doom. Still got the rules somewhere but gave away all the mechs, bother really as I checked out evil bay and some of them are going for a song. Adieu.

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