Monday, May 6, 2013

Early April meeting 2013

Not much time to blog as holidays took over and a trip to the barrier reef and catching up with family and friends ensured that games remained firmly in second place.

We seem to have become a defacto Friday night magic centre, to be honest this is rather good as at least it grabs a few of the more gently members of society into the games.

A couple of games of Malefaux were had.
Wings of War or Wings of Glory take your pick. A good game with a nice bomber scenario that led to it being shot down I believe.
I got to play Spear and Shield in 15mm. An older set of Australia produced rules (yay) playing 15mm War of the Roses. No real victor as it was really to get our heads back into using the rules and teaching me the basics.
It was similar but different to WRG 6th and not really like any other set at the moments. The game had a nice old school charm about it but I still have not found my perfect set. Resilience maybe close, Hail Caesar for bigger games (lots of people), DBA hmm still a favourite but I would really like to give Impetus a go. FOG seems to have fallen way out of favour and no one, absolutely no one plays WAB or any of the Clones, pity as many of the lads play WFB.
I’ll miss a couple of games nights but the lads might take photos for me. Game on.

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