Monday, May 13, 2013

I missed the last night but got a game in over the holidays

Sadly no report from the last games night I wasn't there and the camera I loaned out had dodgy batteries.

Instead for your consumption was my first game of FOW3. During the holidays I was lucky to meet up with an old friend and one of his newer opponents. I have had FOW3 since it came out but the club gamers that play Flames of War have not been coming for quite some time so World War Two has had a back seat except for a test run introduction to the club some time back,

I played on a beautifully buit table (made by Richard) with some rather nice prepainted buildings. If any one knows who made them please leave a comment as I would like to get some my slef and Richard can't remember who made them.

I played a 1500point German Grenadier force with Artillery and Marders in support.
Matt played Russian Strelkovy and well steam rollered me. Not since CanCon 3-4 years ago had I lost in FOW so badly. Nothing like lots and lots of infantry and 10 Matilda 2s Ouch.

Before the battle
You can see my Germans throught he centre, Russian hords to the right and 10 Matilda2s and 4 Su76s to the left. Just hold out I thought, use the artillery and the Marders to smash the armour.
Bit dark I know but you can see the useless artillery (only becasue of my poor placement). Mind you the Marders did no better, so many 1s rolled argh!

I concede when the horde eats me. Oh well fun was had by all. It was great seeing only slight changes with the 3.0 rules and well it is always good to play someone new. Thanks Matt and Cheers Richard. Matt deserved to win and well as they were Richards Germans I put it down to this not my lousy generalship.
Just the place to bury my honourable dead, the buildings on the board were just fantastic. Any idea who?


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