Saturday, August 10, 2013

Friday August 09 2013 Lots of minis tonight

We had a great turn up tonight with quite a few returning to the fold and playing miniatures rather than roleplay games, mind you a small group chatted all night about starting up either a Vampire the Masquerade or a Star Wars SAGA game. Pity not the Studio Tomahawks SAGA I prefer. Oh well.

Inspired by our Man O War game our resident Chaos dwarf decided to build his own fleet rather than pay the exorbitant prices on evil bay.

Wings of Glory WWII with a Battle of the Bismarck Sea refight. I joined in later to see the Aussie and US aircraft snot all the ships in short order and even take down one of the Japanese fighters. I really enjoyed to AI Japanese planes using a solo rules mechanism from the Wings of Glory Aerodrome. Good Stuff.

AI driven (flown) planes.

A couple of lads attempting to paint in poor light, I had a quick chat and demonstrated a drybrush technique and blow me away they did a great job on a Necron lord.


Some of the lads teaching others how to play 40K in a quick and dirty skirmish, this is what clubs are all about, all of us helping each other.


I had no idea that the Malifaux minis were coming out in plastic, must investigate, no no must hold back, but they look so shiny……………………well they do, in a grey plastic sort of way.

Orc civil war,                       ummm the orcs won!

Near the end of the Bismarck Sea fight, lots of sinking ships and Japanese fighters wondering what just happened.

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