Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Late July 2013

Well July was sort of eventful; I missed one of the games nights wondering off to see David Attenborough in Canberra. Got nothing to do with gaming but was a great night never the less.

We had one of the club lads around for a game with one of my sons during the holidays so that was rather nice. Space wolves won but only just.

End of July meeting saw my first game of Man O War. An old GW ship vs ship game. Fun was had as the Skaven typically blew themselves up and the Brettonians shot all apart. Definitely going to play this more often but wow the second hand stuff is so expensive. Ouch.
Another club member wants to do Chaos Dwarves as a fleet but this is all he has, thankfully he is good at scratch builds so it will cost him a lot less.
The MTG lads at it again, it seems that playing this game does something to your looks when a camera is pointed in your direction. Quite a few more were playing too just the image was awful.
Space Hulk what a good game.
Just for something different played at home. A game of Battlegroup Overlord. I really like these rules but my mock up solo attempt, at home, on a mini board meant I had to alter the scale to centimetres not inches but to be honest it worked good enough for me. Now do I bring it to the club or not? Hmmm Your thoughts honest readers………………..

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