Thursday, July 4, 2013

end of june meeting

Well we missed our big night and day apocalypse game as our venue the church hall was vandalised. A lot of the lads and lasses were disappointed none more so than the church community itself . Yet at the end of the month we were back.
My game, Wings of Glory with the chaps. A new scenario by Barry that sent 3 eindeckers against a Brit recce plane and its 3 escorts. Well our target as the Hun was the recce plane. We shot at it again and again yet it took its photos of the German build up in the town and flew off.
Notice the clouds, they added a nice dimension and Barry introduced a simplified altitude system that helped us think a little more tactically.
Well this is my eindecker with 13 damage, I only had 11. Barry caused the 6 when he flew into me taking 0 in return. The rest of our flight was equally successful. Yep all of us shot down with not a single Brit plane removed from the sky.
40K game with the Marines just, ever so just, knocking off the Tyranids.
Chaos Dwarves 1 Vs Ogres 0 another close game.
Roleplaying lads, Pathfinder System I think?
The game from today, at home. 2500points Space wolves vs Chaos marine and Imperial allies.
Wolves win, woo hoo.

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