Monday, July 15, 2013

WinterCon Canberra July 2013

I could only make a single day this year to run around and look at the games. I thought there would be no demo/participation games as none were advertised. Fortunately there was and a happy few hours were spent playing someone else's game.

A great WWI game was being played but I was more keen to look elsewhere and sadly I did not get the chance to get a photo.

First was a great Aztec vs Conquistadors game that lasted 2 hours, run by a serious gentleman named Fred. My opponent was Peter, I have seen him around but never had the chance to chat. Well Cortez was unable to beat Montezuma (me), yet great slaughter was had as the Spanish horse ran down all in front of them.

An overview of the whole table.
Note the cavalry happily moving themselves into the rear only to reform and run me down again. Also note the dreaded Tlaxcala ally Frogs and Mousemen (from Eureka miniatures) these actually caused way more damage than I thought they would.

I do play 40K and love to see well painted minis this necron flyer was rather nice.

 Great eldar flyers and bikes
This was really really good when up close and personal. The pattern was made with a Bunnings mesh. You may find it hard to see the pattern but even at a distance the colours were fabulous. The whole army was painted in a similar way.

Flames of War table. The guys doing FOW ran both Firestorm Market Garden and Firestorm Bagration. All the tables looked great and the ability to run both campaigns over a weekend is such a good idea. I really have to have a go at this one day.

My other participation game was Infinty, run by Brian and Nim. As the club moves toward more skirmish games this one really appeals to me. The miniatures are quite superb the game plays fast and the other advantage is that it wont cost the earth to get into it. Free rules download and 10 minis a side should cost less than $100.00. I can use all the club terrain to keep prices down too.

Haqislam force for Infinity, you have to have seen the painting up close to really appreciate what the guys that ran the demo put into their forces. This really adds to the quality of participation games.

X-wing sweeping the world by storm. Wow does this play like Wings of War/Glory!
I do like to play in the odd convention competition but also appreciate the efforts of those that run the demo games. The thing that holds me back playing more of them at conventions is that butterfly in me, I am too easily distracted into starting something new.
Was Wintercon worth going to? You bet.
Enough traders, 8 or so to spend more on the lead plastic pile.
Games to play.
Plastic and metal miniatures painted to a standard that belongs on a shelf but are instead on the table.
Why should you go, well there are demo games, FOW campaign, Bolt Action comp, 40K comp, DBMM comp, Warmachine/Hordes comp, you could even shoot Nerf guns and watch the real time roleplaying gamers swing large rubber swords at one another. Please take the time to go to the next convention near you it is worth it even if you are just looking. My thoughts are, don't look, play.

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