Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Malifaux with the lads

We had a Saturday to ourselves and decided that the afternoon would be better spent playing a game we all wanted to have a go at. It is nice being taught a game by your own sons and luckily they are good teachers. A nice three way (Malifaux seems better as a two way game not with three)  A Marcus Crew, me, a Hoffman crew (no. two son) and a Ramos crew (no. one son who taught us both). 4 hours later, I lost no surprise there and no. two son won well done on his 2nd game. So onto the images.
the minis in the centre are markers
My Marcus Crew, purchased 2nd hand and prepainted at a decent standard and a great price. Not often the lead pile grows and gets to feel fake grass under their bases so early in their life.

Ramos' nasty walker thing against Hoffman and minion. Hoffman 1 Ramos 0.
My Rattlespike thing against two gunslingers with 2 nurses and an infinity mini as poison markers. snake won!
Fantastic painting by No. 2 son on his Hoffman and minion.

Watcher and Gunslinger by No. 2 son again.
I forgot to get No. 1 sons minis photographed so that must happen next game.
Well my thoughts. I really liked the game but feel that like all games it is who you play with that makes it all the better. I would like to give the a run in a 1 on 1 game.
Coming up will be our big Night day game session so 40K and Fantasy on a larger scale. No not 54mm but apocalypse styled games.

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