Thursday, December 12, 2013

15mm Bactrians for Basic Impetus finished

Well this is the first army in ages I've actually finished. Most of the figures are old gladiator with a xyston and Essex general or two. I have a Ancient Indian army on the go as well and when I pick up the last Impetus army book the two will combine to make around 300 points of Greaco-Indians or that is the hope.

The Whole force with the ability to alter it a little. Light infantry and Pike in the centre flanked by General Heavy Cavalry and Cataphracts with more heavy cavalry and Aracosian light horse on the other flank. Two Persian light horse bring up the rear.
Close up of the Pike
Well tomorrow night is the painting comp so lets see what the club has in store for us. I hope to show some of the winners over the weekend.

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