Sunday, December 15, 2013

Painting Competition a success, even if I do say so myself.

Well Friday saw our Painting competition and there was a grand total of 36 entries in total for a grab at 21 places and a couple of consolation prizes. Barry kindly stepped into the breach to judge the competition. Yet we all voted for the best in show. This final award was a close run thing as 7 votes went to Brendan's beautiful High Elf Griffin from the fantasy section and 9 votes went to Reon for his Rhino with "hitch-hiker".

It has to be said a big thank you goes to
Eureka Miniatures for Paints and Brushes as prizes.
War and Peace Games for Paint sets, Brushes, Basing flock, magnets and other goodies
The Combat Company for 2 $25.00 vouchers to spend in their store
Micks Metal Models for 2 lots of 15mm World War two packs of miniatures.

Also those club members that read this blog will note that the excess cash we build up throughout the year goes back into the club as we buy some of the prizes too, namely some Mantic game material, GW boxedsets and more paint that the grand prize of GWs Dreadfleet.

Ok On with the Photos
First Place Fantasy Monster

Another Angle

First Place Sci-Fi vehicle

Hitch Hiker

2nd place fantasy monster

Open 2nd place

Open 3rd place

Sci Fi Unit first

Fantasy Unit First

Fantasy Single First

Sci-Fi single first

Fantasy Monster 3rd

Fantasy Unit 2nd

Fantasy Unit 3rd


Scifi single 3rd

Sci fi single 2nd

Scifi unit 2nd

Sci fi unit 3rd

Sci fi vehicle 2nd

Scifi vehicle 3rd

Young blood unit


Nice but not a winner

Beholder no prize but I liked it

Man o War ship nice but no winner

I showed this before but I wanted to point out how the orange glow from the sword plays out on the armour and even the grass tuft. This was the first attempt at object source lighting by the painter.

Malifaux game on the night

Another Game of malifaux

Battle fleet Gothic game on the night, notice the deeeeeep contemplation of the rules, which stemmed from a collision between a whopping big ship and a smaller frigate like ship.

Well I hope that everyone enjoyed the night sadly it will be the last for December but we will return in January.

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