Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Tale Of Duelling Gamers my belated July attempt

Well July was actually a pretty dismal month for me on a personal level and I lost the drive to do any painting of real note for the "ATODG" but nearing the end of August my July entry is ready and I am part way through the August entry as well (one should hope so).

Yes I know they are Bretonians, and old ones at that, yet I had this great desire years ago after reading some of the "fluff" about the Lamian Vampires and how the girls were able to sway others to their most vampiric of ways. So digging through some of my old unpainted Bretonians I came up with a nice unit of 5 from old knights and knight errant models. Fishing through the bits box gave me the undead shields I needed and a liberal splash of super dip wood stain and varnish and ta da. suitably grim looking knights that are meant to be ummmmm Black Knights, hmmm yellow, hmmm oh well.

I always admire the freehanded banners of the better painters, as I am not one a quick fish around the net and behold vampire banner for the Black Knights.
The Art Work is By Anna Stokes and is used without permission but I don't plan on selling it just playing with it.
I am hoping that the painting juice is back and flowing as I have some fell bats and character models to paint and potentially another unit of werewolves to take me to the September dead line. What I really need to do is make some suitably grim terrain to support the small army but I just don't see myself getting the time to do so.


Firelupus Sautner said...

Really nice work Chris, the yellow on the old brets looks really nice and i love the banner that you 'borrowed'. Kudos on the unit mate.

chris said...

Thanks Lupus, yep yellow and blue does work on the old Brets and there is nothing like 30 mins a nice image and photoshop to make a perfectly servicabl ebanner that you can print again and again and again. Keep up your good work too.

Hoodling said...

Lahmian vampires do seem to lend themselves to adding some more interesting stuff to your army.

That banner is very cool. Good choice.