Thursday, August 28, 2014

Duelling Gamers August entry for real this time

Now that August is almost over I can now show off my Fell Bats, well that is what I am using them as. I have had these sitting around for a long time and as the Vampires can't use bows or missiles of any sort I thought a unit of flyers was in order. Out came the bitz box and behold 3 very old carrion? that I will use as the big bats. Got no idea if fell bats are any good in the army lists but big flying things always seems to upset the opposition. I think if my maths is correct I should have around $150 up my sleave for the month of September and the paint will flow on a couple of Character models.

Fell Bats......yes they are really.....
I have noticed that Nagash has returned with a nice new addition that allows Vampire Counts to ally with Tomb Kings and thus Bow armed skellies are now a possibility but as luck would have it a couple of years ago I gave away all my lovingly painted tomb kings as I had never used them. So will I lash out on the new Nagash Book, not likely. Pity as I still have the old metal Nagash.

And now for something completely different 15mm Wurtemberg Fusiliers straight off the paint table this week. Lovely AB 15mm from Nic at Eureka thanks Nic.


Hoodling said...

I love those old carrion models. The little riders are so cute!

Ummm, I mean they are sinister and intimidating and all that...

Firelupus Sautner said...

I agree.

Chris the Carrion do look good, and i also have a metal Nagash sitting in my draw at home that is about to move up the painting cue.

The Wurttemburgs look great, but i have a soft spot for that era, maybe one day my 28mm Austrians will get a look in. As always mate lovely work.

chris said...

Thanks guys, yep love the carrion and the riders are more cute than nasty. I have never seem anyone paint them so they look as mean as they should.

Got a whole bunc of unmade and unpainted 28mm Austrians as well oh well need to get my self cloned.