Tuesday, October 14, 2014

MOAB and Sy-CON 2014 we name them properly down here.

A little delayed in the posting of this but it is up now.
My son and I went off to MOAB in Sydney for my annual pilgrimage. This convention is one of the medium sized cons in Australia with plenty of competition games, a growing participation and demo game sections, enough traders to by more shiny toys and one of the best bring and buys if the traders have not taken your hard earned from your wallet.
There is a painting competition, great catering and enough friends to bump into to make the 4 hour trip each way worth it. It is a great convention but scattered all over a sporting hall complex, so when you go head up, down and around the corners and who knows what you will discover.

At the same time The Combat Company held a participation game extravaganza over the weekend to. We had a quick visit to this as well. Well done TCC.

Show time.

I have a desire to play Impetus and so headed downstairs into the depths to watch this friendly competition unfold. There is something quite spectacular about the 28mm big bases splendidly arrayed and the chaps were happy to let me sit in, watch and get a handle on the rules.
Late Romans and French Knights clash.

Romans won

Nasty flank attack by the Gendarmes runs down the Hoplites, they were doing alright up until here.
Impetus does look rather good, but a new game has fallen into my lap and that is Sword and Spear hmm...
Still play Warhammer and so hard to resist the pretty armies.

The Chain of Command participation game was on call and I still have not had much of a chance to play it at my club so MOAB beckoned. I had the pleasure of playing a few turns with the gentlemen running the game and Ben from the Little Tin Men blog, the chap to introduce me to the pleasure of Chain of Command in the first place.

Japanese vs Aussies, the Matilda II rumbled its way through the jungle whilst my Japanese slowly succumbed to shock and not a few deaths. Got to find me the army lists for the Japanese and Australians. Still got some floating around to paint. Pity I had to go early but I think I get the game a little more.

Command and Colours Napoleonic, have to try this to one day.

A really cool post apocalyptic game, so well presented but unfortunately I did not get the chance to play this either. That said the big kids that did play in it had a ball by the looks of things. Oh the rules were free on the net but I did not get the name of it, sad.

The main hall, traders, demo games and Flames of War at the top on the stage.

The huge bring and buy, this is the first time I had the chance to put stuff in on Saturday and did well with a few hundred dollars sold but the initial crush was disconcerting. Even so picked up some second hand Infinity miniatures so happy all round. Thanks always to the Southern Battle Gamers for running both MOAB and the bring and buy.

My son and I shot off that night to Sy-Con to see how it was going. Very impressed too. We even had a chance to play Firestorm Armada, for a round or two before our opponents nicked off to paint miniatures, boo hiss.  Sorry for the lack of photos but rest assured that I would recommend a visit to Sy-Con as well if you can get away from MOAB Cheers Combat Company.
Now to get to Melbourne for Little Wars next year I hope.


Paul oftheManCave said...

Looks like a great weekend Chris!

chris said...

thanks Paul,

yep it was a good weekend. Hope you get to a few of the US conventions whilst you are there

cheers Chris