Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Saturdays with the kids at the club

For 8 years or so the club has run Saturday game days for the younger generation. Sadly the lads and lasses have found alternatives to keep them occupied or they have just grown up and moved on. But luckily there are a few who find us and want to learn how to play. So I am rather pleased that I get to game with the younger members, teach them the game and painting techniques and even build the odd bit of terrain. In September one of the kids whooped me in a game of 40K, it would seem that the few clues I gave to him in the last game were well remembered and so the Orks died in droves. October's Saturday games day saw me bring out the new Infinity boxed set, plop out the fancy terrain and substitute a few miniatures (don't have the proper ones painted yet) to play Scenario 1 and 2. I have to admit that the two lads gaming with me picked up the rules nice and fast. We only made one error the whole game. So if your club is quiet maybe you should rope some younger kids in but just remember that you may have to play the games they want before you get to play your own.
Orks Vs Chaos, my Orks lost

Necromunda with the ladz
The Orks about to die
 Haqislam as Pan Oceania, second hand minis at their finest 

The Morat from a much earlier post (died in both games)
The Operation Ice Storm terrain with a few other card containers. What a nice addition to a boxed set. The quality of the card is very good and I hope to be able to use them again and again at the club. Even if the paper mat is a little on the small side. It certainly makes for quick game.

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