Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Happenings at the Club, Infinity, RPG, 40K and Wings of Glory

Sorry Club updates have been a little hit and miss over the last month or two. Forgetting camera, running out of time you know all the usual reasons but really everyone at the club knows I am just slack. For those visiting Moruya or old members coming back to visit their parents just a reminder when we meet.

2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the Month. The only reason we ever cancel is when we are all sick or the Church has a function. This needless to say is not often. Oh where are we? Presbyterian Church Hall Moruya.

On with Feb 2nds night just a few images of games in progress.

Wings of Glory

This was a 4 Brit plane (and players) vs the Huns Balloon and Anit Aircraft Gun trucks (AI controlled)

Our illustrious wing commander just before take off, ponders the likelihood of success.

We circle the balloon and shoot away but keep picking up low damage cards, alas the balloon starts to be drawn back down towards the ground if it gets there after 9 turns we have failed.
Damage mounts as the balloon catches fire.

Note all the aeroplanes under the balloon well right at this moment it finally falls and attempts to engulf the swarming fighters.

Gone, a fitting end for a clever artillery spotter.
Set up time, thus chat time

Infintiy Ariadna vs Yu Jing (we need to seek sponsorship from a certain soft drink company)

New members Yu Jing you should see the basing on these guys, Koi Ponds and gardens i kid you not, Koi Ponds!

Spot the minis in amongst the terrain

From memory the Yu Jing fell to the Ariadna but as it was more or a training game I felt that they went rather well.

40K using the venerable 5th edition only some some of us grey beards have not bothered updating to the what is it 23rd edition yet.

Roleplayers, after the game eith Munchin or Magic the Gathering come out.
Nice little shot of some Infinity style close combat, we are still coming to grips with how this works.    

See you in a week or so chaps.

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