Tuesday, March 1, 2016

End of Feb at the Club

Reasonable turn out and the usual fare of games. If you are in the neighbourhood please drop in details on the side of the blog.

Blood Angels vs Chaos

Hmm what is this coming through the valley?

Yep that is going to hurt.

Infinity Terrain, lots of it.

Twas Nomads vs Yu Jing this of course is the (unpainted boo hiss) Yu Jing

Hiding in the terrain is the Nomads and this is why we paint our minis for this game.

Mind you in game 2 I did not paint the terrain fully yet.

Ariadna do not look well camouflaged on white.

Sort of looks cool (pun intended) with all the terrain arrayed

My Kuang Shi, really want to give these guys a run.

Yes sir that is another one, again!

Roleplaying does this to you. Sore thumbs for instance. All those spikey D8s and D4s

Barry and the Wings of Glory game, must ask Coke for some sponsorship money.

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