Thursday, September 29, 2016

September Happenings at the club

Life has been rather busy for me of late and blogging has had to take a back seat but here are the latest images from last Tuesdays club night.
Saga 4 way or really just two versus two, an unlikely alliance of Irish and Byzantines against the vicious Vikings 4 points per player

Byzantine General showing the usual ability to bribe his way to victory!!!!

First game for my ally but he picked up game very fast and played well in the actual game. First game for the Irish commander too.

See the nice wee farm? Well unbeknownst to me a horde of invisible Irish spear chucking nasties lurked behind the hedge.

Wonderful all female Byzantines, most of the minis are from Eureka miniatures in Victoria Australia. Sadly I forgot to take any more photos of the game. But alas it is all for the best as the Vikings were well and truly trounced. Well played to the Irish and Byzantines. Saddest moment..... berserkers hit by 4  Byzantine hearthguard. They throw a mere 8 dice and due to the battle board I had 16 dice. Nice. Well you would think so. End result glass canon is no more and the Byzantines escape with a figure remaining and they run away.

Barry's usual Wings of Glory with a huge crowd. There was more yelling and laughter than I had heard in a long time coming from this game. At one stage a Conga line of 5 planes were flying.

End result a win to the Germans this time. After the game most of the lads and lasses moved onto a horror board game. Great to get two games in in one night.
Teaching, year advisor and family has slowed any progress on my painting queue. I have a small 2 box medieval Swiss commission that is underway but here is something I have been working on as well.

Infinity Nomads

Blue and white bases were complete oh 2 years ago........ the rest has been awaiting love for a while.

Grey bases painted by someone else. Second hand stall around 2 years ago as well. I was going to strip them and repaint but realised that the person that had painted them had done a rather nice job. So the paint stayed and the minis join the force. I will have around 50 Nomads shortly but only 20 or so will have been painted by me. Oh well more time to complete the Swiss commission.

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