Wednesday, October 12, 2016

October 2016 Down at the club

Well a relatively quiet night as the older school students are busy studying for their big HSC exams in NSW. Thus exams take priority than playing with toy soldiers...............? Hmmm not the sort of priority that will lead to fun games, but it may lead to jobs and University and, well, life beyond games.

Never the less two games occurred

Infinity and Wings of Glory

Sadly some turned up late and could not be accommodated into the Infinity game but WOG filled up fast.

I am keen to see an Infinity Slow grow at the club, just have to work out how  best to do it for the benefit of the group.

On with pic show

Infinity Nomads Vs Yu Jing. the orange counters are objectives

One club member said "this was the nicest board he had seen" at the club ever. (not even finished painting it, well done Brendan)

Different angle

Nomads sneaking up the board flank taking objectives.

New WOG plane, very nice.

shoot the bomber or bomb the city

Close to the end of the game, but too close to call, not many die in this game

I could not capture this objective it was too well guarded

heavy infantry: Brendan's whole force was built and painted in a week, talk about motivation.

Zoe (with bag of explosives) took four orders to move and shoot the guard from the objective. I was down to 1 order to take the objective on the last turn and needed a role of 14 or less or I would lose. Woot success but this was the closest game we have had in at least 3 months.

Chimera chewed up by nasty heavy infantry it should have been the other way around but you know how the dice fall.

All in all a good night even if numbers were down. Now how do I convince the others to join a slow grow league?


Paul O'G said...

Very cool. How did you enjoy Infinity at MOAB?

chris said...

hey Paul,

loved it actually. Got seriously beaten the whole time but learned so much. I have used tourneys as a way of learning rules better and it does seem to work. It does not do your self esteem much when you come near the bottom always but still.

Infinity is a great game rather complex but one of the best I have played.