Thursday, November 3, 2016

An old favourite has new life breathed into it, more club antics

40K took a nose dive at the club over the last two years or so, due to, well a lack of desire to by the same army book over and over again. In fact one club gamer that played 40k recently admitted that the last rule book he purchased was for 4th edition. Yet all good things come around again. Sure enough an astute purchase (new and second hand) by a couple of club members means that 40K is up and running again. It never really left just went into hibernation.

Picture show time

8 gamers with 600 points aside, nice.

Necron Crab like thing perched precariously on a rocky out crop. Brilliant model


Battle of Britain

The fine art of simultaneous movement

Not sure who won this dogfight over Britain but Wings Of Glory is such a good game.

Magic the Gathering and ........chips.....lots of chips.... surely you get your cards messy?


The Kiwi said...

Gamers having fun looks all good.

Paul O'G said...

Whatever the game it looks like good times Chris!

chris said...

Agree good times and the lad has offered to play a game tomorrow and I am going to little wars on Sunday.