Thursday, November 24, 2016

One day I will finish the painting and put sails on the little ships, Man O War at the club

Quieter night as the RPG and Magic lads and lasses were not there. Yet 3 games were played. Barry's obligatory Wings of Glory WWI this time, 40k Nids vs Marines and a dusty old favourite from GW Man O War, Bretonnians, Chaos Dwarves and Orc fleets, plus more random sea monsters than all the pirate movies put together.

Let Battle comence

Nids won but it was very close this time

About to conquer the high seas, yes that is the dreadfleet mat and a beauty it is.

Orcs and Allied Norse

My Brettonnian fleet

Hand built Chaos Dwarves that rolled more miss fires than I have seen in a long time, boy did we laugh, well 2 of us laughed!

Closer to the lovely Norse ships and the ring in Skaven Vessel that we allowed to act as an orc.

4 on this table with smiles as well.

Check out the ones.................I never get that many ever.

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