Sunday, November 13, 2016

Battlegroup at home rather than the club

Unfortunately I was not available at the club night in early November due to other commitments so I can't give updates for this night. But I can tell you about a fun game with my son on a recent weekend.

I have been very keen to get a proper game of the BattleGroup rules up and running and it game me pause to think about what to play. I have run this system solo with 15mm miniatures but decided to return after 34 years (ouch) to 1/72-1/76 scale or 20mm if you prefer. The old Airfix and Mathcbox kits still hold their own if you want access to huge amounts of models for WWII.

Well the game was a complete success. We played a small squad game with 220 points a side. Basically a platoon of infantry, a tank and a little support. Needless to say I lost but only just. I made a rush to the objective in the last couple of turns only to have a German Panzerfaust blow my Halftrack and Leaders apart. Thus causing my battle rating to plummet and the lads to retire off the board.

All I need now is a few more games and I will introduce it to the club.

Btirish battlegroup

German battlegroup

The House in the middle is the objective, Brits to capture, Germans to hold

German Positions after a couple of turns

Brits moving up

Germans using the hedge wisely

Nasty MG to remove my troops and the HQ in a cool resin car I bought at Cancon 2016

Brits moving up the flank

Germans still control the forest and stop my flank movement.
The end is near, yep the halftrack is torched leaving me with failing morale and a much diminished force.
It really was nice to play in 20mm again, almost regression therapy.

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