Thursday, January 18, 2018

A start to the year

Well the club is off and running again and maybe I can get my act together to blog a little more this time. We had a nice turn out with plenty of different games on the tables. X-Wing, 40K, Wings of Glory, and Infinity. With CanCon looming many of the lads will head up to spend hard earned dollars. Not me this year, small gaps to fill and that's about it. But i might try and offload a force or two at the Second Hand Stall.
The third last image is worth noting. This is a good chunk of the club as it stands and we had the honour of a previous club member’s Mum visiting and donating a huge collection of 40K and LOTR miniatures. Sadly our chum Chris died a while back, he is missed by his family, friends and gaming buddies. The family wanted our club to have his old collection. So we decided to share it around. If you made it on the night you went home with an early Christmas present. Even a couple of kids from my school gained a bonus or two. Regardless of the windfall, it would still be nicer if we had all our old mates with us chucking dice and laughing at the silliness of “playing toy soldiers”.
Enjoy the year.

Please note Hippo! Care of Owen at Terrain for Hippos. You must visit this page of pure inspiration.


Paul O'G said...

Great stuff Chris!
May 2018 bring you and the lads at the club hobby fun and happiness !

chris said...

Hope to see you at CanCon