Saturday, April 7, 2018

It is now April, oh dear I am not really following up on the club now am I?

Life as they say gets in the way of playing, or in my case blogging on behalf of the club. Yet at last I am to attempt a small update. We have had a few good nights and the odd quieter one. 40k is undergoing a real resurgence. The guys are pulling out all stops to keep the minis coming and there are some great little battles that keep happening. The game seems to work well for all 1000-2000 point games which is nice. I am still a little miffed that the Dark Angels book came out so soon after Index Imperium 1 I still have not even used this $40.00 tome of delight. Can't justify the purchase of the next one yet.

X-wing has been the game of choice for the last couple of nights and I had the chance to try out the 8 rookie tie fighters for 100 points combo. Well not really a combo but it plays well as 2 squads of 4 tie fighters. I use micromachine Ties from a few years back as these are the ones I used at school with the kids and I just do not have 8 real tie fighters. I am pleased to say that 8 Tie Fighters has been successful in two games. Woot. I seem to not win often with the Empire unless with other more talented Imperial players but this time success!

40K Nids vs Guard and Others

Ghost vs 8 ties (Ghost ended up ghosted)

 Slave 1 vs 7 Ties, yes ghost actually got 1 (Slave 1 yes you guessed it) 

Starting to even up a little now but the Scum and Villainy failed to impress the powers of the Empire.
A rather small project i have been working on.

6mm WWII on a Pin Board.

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